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i'm shepard smith. we're all right back here tomorrow. noon pacific time. 3:00 eastern time for "studio b." then back in here for the fox report tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is coming up. and begins the most powerful prime time in all of cable news. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [shouting] >> laura: as threats against the united states intensify, the liberal "the washington post" scorches president obama over the war on terror. [shouting] >> laura: we'll have the latest. >> the gap between the have and have notes. [ applause ] >> is getting wider and wider. it's going to be a problem that no amount of police can solve. >> laura: a dire warning from rapper jay-z as he launches the latest salvo in the class warfare debate. >> i don't want to really scare america but the real problem is there is no million class. >> laura: is the hip hop millionaire just another out of touch hollywood
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hypocrite? we have a debate. >> you cannot know what i know. >> laura: embattled attorney general eric holder spent millions of taxpayer dollars on travel expenses. we will have a factor investigation. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham in tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. fear and loathing at the news stands. that's the subject of this evening ups talking points memo. it was shock and awe for the "the washington post" yesterday. when it was announced that amazon founder jeff bezos bought the paper for a mere $250 million. in the past three weeks two other former media giants "newsweek" and the "boston globe" were also sold in fire sales. these publications have been running enormous
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operating losses for years and advertisers and subscribers have fled in huge numbers. now, sure the tee klein of these print media outlets generally tracks the rise of internet and cable, and certainly some of the old dinosaurs were not exactly fast to inknow valt and figure out how to harness the power of online journalism. but one of the driving factors in their decline was the fact that awful these publications reflected a single mind set. they were managed by secular progressives, edited by secular progressives, and written by secular progressives for a public that was anything but. and for decades, they used their monopoly power to push their agenda, regardless of what their customers wanted. before the early to mid 1990s, americans didn't have much of a choice in how they got their news. well now they do. they can go to drudge, to pick and choose from hundreds of publications that suit their sensibilities.
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you can go to -- or sites like my own to name a few. expect more newspapers to die out because of rigid adherence to it ideology and selective reporting. as to mr. bezos who is a liberal guy in a very generous obama supporter. i will give him his first scoop. america whose values are ignored or routinely ridiculed by ideological news organizations aren't going to pay to keep the insults coming. the cross word in the sports pages just aren't that important anymore. and that's the memo. and now on to the top story. brand new developments in the al qaeda thai threat that has u.s. officials scrambling to secure american interests worldwide. today, the state department ordered the evacuation of most of the u.s. embassy personnel in yemen and urged all u.s. citizens to get out of that dangerous country. meantime, president obama's war on terror policies are under fire from both the right and the left.
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of the liberal "the washington post" i just talked about said this in today's editorial. quote: while mr. obama is also right that military tools aren't enough in a conflict like, this his promise of patiently supporting transitions to democracy in places like egypt and tunisia and libya through nonmilitary means, the proper strategy is not being kept. the resulting vacuum will be filled and not to the united states' liking. closed quote. joining us now from long island is congressman peter king who said this on sunday about the terror threat. >> problems with the administration on different issues. what they are doing now is what has to be done. they would be derelict if they were not. we can't criticize them with doing too little with benghazi and criticize them for doing too much. giving them credit will he learned from benghazi and that's why they are firming up the embassies. >> laura: congressmans has your assessment changed since a few days ago? >> no, i think in this
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particular case, the president is doing what he has to do. the fact is, that there is a major attack that is being planned or has been planned by al qaeda, and the administration is doing what they can to protect our people. now, i think one of the reasons we are in this position though isñr because of the schizophrenic policy the president has had. on the one hand going after al qaeda leaders on the other hand telling the american people and the world that al qaeda has been defeated and that we can go back to a he pre-9/11 situation. so, in many ways, it's a schizophrenic policy and because of that, caused our allies to be concerned and emboldens our enemies. >> laura: how much of this response, do you think, even though the threat is quite severe, the letter between zawahiri and his deputy al qaeda in the a. rainian peninsula, very serious. how much of it do you think is kind of reactive because of benghazi? we still have a lot of questions about benghazi. you pointed them out. i haven't heard the answers
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yet. a lot of information and documents, witnesses. so now does this take the heat off of benghazi or do they hope? >> it may, in the short run. but the fact is those issues involving benghazi still remain. i was one of the first people to raise the issue of the talking points. how they were altered and the whole situation going back to the video. caused it and it was a riot, it was a demonstration when, in fact, it was clearly a terrorist attack. and it was in the heat of the campaign and the president wanted to deny it and it was covered up. no, listen. you know, these are campaigns where people exaggerate or understate something. here we had four americans killed. he they were murdered. that should transcend politics. i'm not being naive in saying that something stops at the water's edge. today the killing of four americans on the president's watch is something that he has to account for and not continue to cover it up. >> laura: congressman, i remember back the president's first big speech, the outreach to the muslim world. remember his famous line where he said, you know, if
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you unclinch your fist, we will reach out our hands. there are a lot of clinched fists out there today across the muslim world. i'm going to ask you point blank is the world more dangerous today to american interests and our allies after four and a half years of barack obama? >> i believe it is and whether or not -- i think part of that is president obama's fault. starting off with that apology tour. and somehow implying that al qaeda was at war with us because of george bush and dick cheney, yeah, he certainly had all the signals crossed of the fact that he was carrying out criminal regulations of the cia interrogators who kept us safe in the days after 9/11. this is such a confusing message. fueled with benjamin netanyahu. -- feud with benjamin netanyahu. goes part to the lawsuit of the middle east. killing top al qaeda leaders he has done a good job. again, he goes half way and
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then he undoes it and al qaeda is stronger now in many ways than it was on 9/11 because it's metastasized. >> laura: come on biden said al qaeda is disseminated. they are on the run. they are running towards us that's the problem. >> absolutely. >> laura: last night we had a former dhs and cia official chad suite on the show. he remarked it was unusual for the government and he wasn't very happy about it. unusual for the government to release so many specifics about the type of threat. now, people are pressing for info for sure. but he was worried that you cut off perhaps sources and other avenues of information when people suddenly okay, zawahiri knows that we are on to him. so, that part of the source is gone. however we got that. that phone or that method of communication. so, is it kind of a little diarrhea of the mouth here of the administration? i know you are praising
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them. i don't think that's a good job releasing all of that information that's not necessarily good for our interests. >> first of all what i'm praising is is the fact that he they are spawntdinging to the threat. but if i was giving out information, too much has been given out. and if you notice myself and others, we are careful to say that this intelligence, it's credible intelligence and gives specifics regarding a massive attack. but other information that, you know, have you been talking about and media. that should never have been disclosed. because that does talk about if it's true tips off the enemy about our strategies, about our means and the abilities that we have to a sources and methods. and that's wrong. that should not have happened. no need to go beyond saying we have very credible evidence of a very serious attack and could be primarily in the middle east but other parts of the world. >> laura: congressman, thanks so much. next on the rundown, gazillionaire rapper jay-z issues a dire warning about class ware fair playing out in the streets of america. we will play you the tape.
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double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? >> laura: in the impact segment tonight, income inequality and class warfare the american economy is not fair. enter gazillionaire rapper jay-z. >> you really want to scare america but the real problem is there is no middle class, right? so the gap between the have and have notes is getting wider and wider. [ applause ] >> let me finish this point because i do want to scare them a little bit. it's going to be a problem that no amount of police can solve because, you know, once you have that sort of oppression, you know, and that gap is widened and, you know, this
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is inevitable that something is going to happen. >> joining us now to react michael, a board member of the travon martin foundation and president of global a pop cull purr web site. michael. great to see you. >> good to see you, too. some tough words from jay-z there. i mean, he is obviously incrediblably successful entrepreneur, is he worth almost half a billion dollars and is he involved in all sorts of business interests and all of them as far as can i tell quite stefl. and he says that and he makes that point about well, basically, watch out, you are not going to be able to control the streets if this keeps going. is that a responsible thing to say? >> well, i think what jay meant and i think what a lot of patriotic americans in this country from tea party men's to the folks who occupy wall street. a lot of folks would agree with jay-z when he says a widening gap of income inequality and the have a and have notes have getting farther and farther apart. i think jay-z talking about the streets might erupt. i think is a figure of speech.
5:15 pm
i mean, certainly the tea party folks, you know, rightfully so were protesting an idea that the middle class was disappearing. and that folks were no longer part of the american dream. >> laura: they are not threatening implicitly or explicitly that things from their perspective are going to get violent. they go to rallies. they have uncle sam hats on. >> laura, come on, you are not going to say jay-z is advocating for violence. >> no, i didn't say he advocated it. i said he referenced it. he has a lot of power and a lot of authority. i think in the plaque community for better or for worse. talk about that very successful. so, for him to say that i think is interesting. given the fact that barack obama has been president over the last five years. i was looking back over something you wrote michael beck in september. you put out i guess a column. and you said obama is the best candidate for our generation. we'll not waiver in our support of barack obama. you wrote that on the global grind. >> yeah. and jay-z huge supporter of obama. yet, over the last five years, black wealth and
5:16 pm
hispanic wealth have eroded at a record pace. unemployment has skyrocketed. black youth, blacks in general, lagging way behind whites, under obama's watch. s why isace is going to be he supporting barack obama's policies. >> that's incredibly unfair. black unemployment is skyrocketing under george bush as well. >> laura: not like this huh-uh. >> black has declined for the last 50 years. >> laura: this is hope and change, michael. michael, this is hope and change. you can't blame bush five years into a presidency. you have to look at barack obama's record. >> four and a half years. have you had job growth in this country four and a half years. for the first time. >> laura: part time job growth 93% of the jobs created in the last year, michael, part-time jobs. >> look somebody in the eye laura someone is unemployed you don't have a job part-time job good luck? folks out of work will take anything they can get.
5:17 pm
>> we are talk about income inequality. >> absolutely. lawyer you are i think he is right. i think we have a middle class that is eroding in this country i agree with jay-z on that. sadly, his -- the person that he is supporting and unwavering your support is unwavering his policies have really done nothing to spur the type of growth that will help everybody, black, white, hispanic, everybody. >> obviously we are on this show in 30 seconds figure out that problem. we are going to agree to disagree. i think barack obama has been a phenomenal president for this country. barack obama has done incredible amount for black americans and latino measures as well. >> laura: you seem like a really nice guy. i don't mean to jump on you here. i'm honestly wanting to know, on what measure is barack obama a, quote: great president for america, especially black americans? on just on what metric? >> let's talk about the affordable care act. bringing millimeter of young people into the healthcare system.
5:18 pm
>> laura: wildly unpopular, go ahead. >> wildly unpopular muption your viewers and not my friends and my generation. my generation is thrilled for the affordable care act. my generation is finally get somebody look after them and not make sure they are left in the streets. >> laura: whatter on that. >> ended two wars which my brothers and sisters front line. bring home. that's not true. universal prek game changer in terms of education. lure lawyer how has that helped income inequality. you are losing my point. jay-z is arguing against income inequality, that's fine. barack obama's policies haven't bridged that gap. >> i completely disagree. there are a lot of slogans but no real hope. >> barack obama exsend tended the middle class tax cut and did not extend the tax cut for the wealthy. is he paying jobs. >> laura: didn't help at all. it didn't help at all. i mean, that's just variably untrue. by the way, nor does it help, michael, when jay-z
5:19 pm
puts out songs like holy grail lie the "n" word, the s word, the f word none of that helps. >> jay-z didn't help when 80,000 young kids across the country going to see him and justin timberlake every single day. >> laura: that is helping inequality. >> helps him. >> i praised his. >> 80,000 tickets. 1 million albums in one week. >> laura: does that mean it's good, that language is good for young people. >> he is hero to them. you may not like him they love him and your kids lo him. >> laura: wasting his talent. thanks. when we come right back, factor exclusive. american taxpayers on the hook for millions of dollars to fund attorney general eric holder's travel expenses. we have the inside story when we come back. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed.
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>> laura: fact for investigation segment tonight. conservative group obtained documents revealing between 2009 and 2012 attorney general eric holder spent more than $4 million on travel expenses. american taxpayers, of course, were left to pick up much of the tab. there is a lot devil's advocate here. conservatives are complaining about travel, paid by the taxpayers for the most part. despite the fact that under george w. bush we had attorney general had their air travel paid for, too didn't we. >> conservatives complained about it well. we complained about the travel of the last attorney general. republican attorney general mr. mukasey spent going back and forth between d.c. and new york on the taxpayer dime.
5:24 pm
>> laura: what's the rule? they have to reimburse if it's personal and only use government aircraft if. >> to be fair the attorney general is required to use government aircraft to schedule. >> all the time? >> if he travels personally, he has to reimburse for the full coach fare, these are luxury jets. it doesn't cover the cost. >> twin engine or jay-z plan. >> jet that the ceo of apple used to have. >> laura: g 5. >> for instance it costs $7,500 just to go up to atlantic city. that was a personal trip by eric holder and it's money we pay for. >> laura: what do you want, ideally, what would happen? you investigated this to khalil change the policy? >> cost $700,000 or so. >> laura: out of the 4 million. he should be more sensitive to the cost his personal junkets. >> laura: president obama said you can't go to vegas
5:25 pm
blowing your money when you have a tuition bill to pay. >> the president promised he would look at the budget line by line. these are lines to look at. >> laura: $4,125,051 for a one day trip to the as spin ideas festival and it's obviously in as spin. i have been there. it's a really fun event. is that personal or is that business? was a mixed use? >> sometimes. >> laura: seems ridiculous. >> attorney general goes and makes speeches. these speeches cost more money than people imagine. >> laura: someone actually said we pay for him to speak. i kind of want him to pay to not speak. that's what i want. if he booked pay and having have eric holder not say things that offend our sensibilities. $4 million would be a bargain in my view. >> vacation. he goes and speaks, i love this, to al sharpton's national action network back in 2011 then he spoke at la raza and lulac.
5:26 pm
political action groups. nonprofit. they have agenda. left wing. >> lulac amnesty rights organization. same thing with la raza. those were last year during the middle of the presidential campaign. if you want to call those official business i have a bridge can i sell you. >> laura: again. the problem is the administration is urging congress to get their job done, pass legislation. we all have to tighten our belts. and then it smells. >> debt is out of control. cut these costs back. >> laura: cut them back. era of fiscal night thing should apply to all. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along tonight. latest inside the courtroom courtroom major nidal hasan. will two major networks pull the plug on partly cloudy projects. republican party threatening to boycott if they don't. they don't. we hope you say tuned to those reports.
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but you had to leave rightce to now, would you go? world, man: 'oh i can't go tonight' woman: 'i can't.' hero : that's what expedia asked me. host: book the flight but you have to go right now. hero: (laughs) and i just go? this is for real right? this is for real? i always said one day i'd go to china, just never thought it'd be today. anncr: we're giving away a trip every day. download the expedia app and your next trip could be on us. expedia, find yours. >> laura: in the is it legal segment tonight, two hot topics, including an aclu backed lawsuit stemming from the boston bombing investigation. but, first, fort hood shooter major nidal hasan appeared in military court today on day one of his murder trial. the army psychiatrist is accused of killing 13 people in 2009. and faces the death penalty if convicted. and he is serving as his own defense attorney. fox news anchor bill hemmer recently spoke with some the victims.
5:31 pm
>> you heard him yell ala akbar? >> um-huh. >> you sure of that? >> 100%. >> and somebody cried out coming around the corner with the gun shooting and killing people. i sat there helpless, hopeless, waiting for this person to come in and finish the job joining us from atlanta attorney and kimberly guilfoyle. two hot topics tonight. let's start with you kimberly. on this nidal hasan case, he said today that the evidence whether show this i was the shooter. so, what's the question left in this case for the jury? it's bizarre. >> it is bizarre. because is he charged with murder. if he is saying he is the killer. he is the one that killed these people, at his hand, the prosecution's case is three quarters over u because what is going to be had its defense? in some way he has to say it was legally justified.
5:32 pm
but what he is hinting at this is war. and in war there are friends and there are foes and there are casualties in his mind, which obviously is disturbed he thinks this is justifiable because it was an act of war on behalf of islam. >> anahita, he tried to make the argument and the judge rejected it, that he did this to defend his brothers in the taliban. the judge said you can't use that defense, why? >> you can't use that defense because there is absolutely no facts to support it. i mean, you know, this whole entire case, laura, is just so tragic. i think one of the things we really need to look at is why it's not called what it is. why haven't they classified this as terrorism? they are trying to say this is work place violence and, in my mind, work place violence is when john pushes jim in some office cubical for showing up to work late. it's not some monster who has ties to al qaeda, who wants to denounce his u.s.
5:33 pm
citizenship. who believes in sharia law, running on to a military base and murdering 13 of our military heros, servicemen, injuring even more, all the while yelling ala akbar. i mean, there is just so many tragedies any way you look at it and the major problem i have with not classifying this as terrorism, is that we are now depriving the victims and the victim's families of the protections that come along with purple heart status and instead we are worried about this monster's right to a fair trial. and his right to defend himself and his constitutional rights? where are our priorities this is so troubling to me, laura. >> laura: kimberly, is he representing himself which is kind of a farce. he questioned a few of the witnesses today. most of them he didn't question at all. had about a two minute opening statement. anything revealed in the questionable as far as we know. >> kind of disappointing. you were expecting he was going to do something else on his behalf. he is more just making a religious statement, a statement on behalf of terrorism that he is
5:34 pm
justice. he had, you know, very few questions, questions a former supervisor and another individual from islamic center. certainly didn't make any ground way. in fact, is he making the case for the prosecution, i think he just wants to have his day in court, make the statements on behalf of, you know, his fallen brothers and to protect those that he feels are justified in the fight, you know of islam and justifying terror. >> laura: he will get convicted. >> is he going be convicted. >> laura: put to death as is just here. >> ladies, let's move on to this wrongful death suit filed by the father of ebrahim todachef by authorities who were investigating boston bombing. what do we gho this lawsuit and ibrahim? wrongful death. can you even file a wrongful death lawsuit like this? go ahead. >> not in federal court, you cannot. so they would first have to
5:35 pm
make a complaint against the fbi and then file a wrongful death suit in the state where it happened. so essentially in the state of florida filed a case against them there. but, you know, a parent can recover perhaps funeral expenses, things like that. his father really wants answers, laura. he says he doesn't want any monetary compensation. is he going to have a long road ahead of him if he thinks he is going to get this information out of the fbi. they have crime scene photos, that's a picture of the father right there. as it shows perhaps lunging position of the deceased, the father saying, listen, he couldn't have attacked anybody, he just had knee surgery and he has the stitches on the body to show it. >> laura: anahita it was may 22ened a arend and they were interrogating him about what he knew about tsarnaev. after several hours he overturned a table and he rushed at the fbi with some type of stick over something. and, you know, you go on the internet there is all sorts of conspiracy theories out there on the internet. why was he killed in the father seems to pick up on
5:36 pm
that. aclu and cair, it looks like they are in on this fight somehow. >> yeahment. >> exactly. that's so preposterous. i understand this father wants answers, but the aclu and cair really need to pump the brakes. they are conducting an investigation into this shooting. and they should just wait and see what that investigation will reveal before they decide to run to the courts themselves in civil lawsuit. i think it's too premature. thanks so much. directly ahead. republicans are furious with two major news networks over their planned hillary clinton projects. will the g.o.p. boycott strategy really work? we will have a debate moments away. ther on something that concerns all of us. obesity. and as the nation's leading beverage company, we can play an important role. that includes continually providing more options. giving people easy ways to help make informed choices.
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>> laura: thanks for staying with us, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. in the factor follow up segment tonight. republicans are fuming over the decision by cnn and nbc to air films about hillary clinton. >> presidential elections are huge cultural votes. and when you have media colluding with a potential frontrunner on the democratic side of the aisle or the democratic party, or doing it just to be helpful, whatever the reason is, it creates the cultive personality. this is what goes on here with the mainstream media. >> laura: the g.o.p. now says the news networks risk losing out on the chance to sponsor a republican primary debate in the 2016 election unless they pull
5:41 pm
the plug on these montle projects, joining us now from locke fox news analyst monica crowley and alan colmes. i'm going to start with alan here. >> this is fantastic. >> laura: this is great. come on, it's the only thing that surprises me, is how early they announce these projects, right? i mean we barely wrapped up the last presidential election and the ode to obama bin laden movie and now we are on to hillary. >> may i ask you a question ms. incorporate gram if i may be so formal? >> always, i adore you. >> cnn did a mitt romney documentary in october just before the election, was there any complaint about that? >> laura: it was really boring that was my client. >> you don't know. this hasn't been filmed yet and you have priebus. no problem with a documentary on mitt romney before the election. >> laura: that was a cut
5:42 pm
and paste deal. >> has reeves priebus seen it yet. >> laura: i saw it. it was really boring. >> the hillary one. >> laura: you are smarter than that. >> not really. lure lawyer good good point, go to hanukkah. you can't blame priebus. >> yes, can i. >> laura: last debate we had mod rarts clearly doing the midding of the democrats. >> bidding because that was the case in your view that means therefore cnn when they do a hillary documentary will do it in keeping with whatever candy crowley things because you don't like the way she run the debate. that's a running long jump. >> laura: can you chime in on, this look, i think regardless of the hillary project they shouldn't have mod moderators who are basically doing the bidding of the dnc, crlg the terms of the republican debate. the democrats didn't have any fox news moderators at their debates in 2008. not one. as far as i can he will. i think i'm right about
5:43 pm
that but go ahead. >> you are absolutely right. given leftist biases of all of these networks with the exception of fox news which is fair and balanced, with that exception, you know what you are getting into. right? so whether we are talking about the moderators, whether we are talking about these hillary clinton films which we all know are going to be that's propaganda purposes given their leftist tendencies that the republican national committee has every right and they should be doing this, laura, of using whatever leverage they can. in order to try to put a stop to this. now, cnn and nbc can do whatever they want under the first amendment. they can air whatever they want. but the rnc and priebus can do whatever they want that is using whatever leverage they have to try continue to influence these networks to try to give us more fair and balanced coverage. i though that's pie in the sky thinking. but the rnc has to stand for something here. ground bias coverage and
5:44 pm
support for the democratic candidate. >> it isn't even done yet. >> there are more films on hillary. >> laura: do you think the night of benghazi is going to be a real focus. >> no. benghazi is a phony scandal. four people died. that's a tragedy. know the difference between a tragedy and scandal. get out the thee saw russ. >> laura: where was hillary that night, alan, do you know? >> i wasn't watching her that night. >> laura: neither do i. >> what was the scandal? >> laura: we don't -- the president spoke to hillary one time. >> that's a scandal? >> he then, in the next morning, goes to the rose garden, gives a cursory few remarks, hops a plane to las vegas. >> that's a scandal? >> have survivors that haven't been rescued, yes, it is a scandal. it is a scandal. now intimidating witnesses, alan, and you know that. >> he actually said it was an act of terror something that's been denied by your said. another thing you said. i have never heard anything
5:45 pm
that hints scandal. what's a scandal? >> i recited why it's a scandal. >> i didn't hear anything. >> laura: why liberals should be on our side on this. monica, can we move on to michelle? michelle is now pushing let's move. admirable effort lose weight. gotten very hollywood. that's a good idea. the problem is when the government gets involved and i think that's when conservatives like myself say it's a little overboard. now she is using hip hop as a tool to get kids rolling in school and getting them moving. >> it's hard to believe that almost exactly one year ago we launched a nationwide campaign called let's move to help solve the problem of childhood obesity in this country. >> laura: good or bad. >> i think objectively this is a very good thing. a lot of problems with team obama but this is not one of them. i think childhood obesity is a huge problem in this country. i think the first lady is a force for good on this issue. as long as there is no government intervention or taxation, tax money being
5:46 pm
used or government coercion and there is no evidence of that. in terms it of using hip hop, as long as it's clean, age appropriate hip hop, you know, as long as there are no hos or gangster stuff or cop killing. >> laura: in the yet. >> as long as there is none of that it will be fine. i don't know how effective if getting kids moving. >> if you have to criticize the obama administration over this, you are really looking for anything you can. >> you have dug i can't in this video. he works with harlem hospital. lure lawyer i'm not saying it's a gate way genre to the harder core rap. i'm not saying that at all. i appreciate both of you. don't forget about the insane bill o'reilly got come summer sale which has been a huge success. everything marked down big time. it's a great place to stock up on gifts and you will save a lot of money too. coming up, the war between men and women. john stossel has controversial thoughts on the battle of the sexes. right back.
5:47 pm
. . .
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5:50 pm
the battle of the sexes, our pal john stossel recently did a test on the gender equality issue. >> tonight we separated our studio audience, men on this side, women over here. when they came in, we asked the people with jobs to anonymously write down how much money they earn. we averaged the salaries for the women the average turned out to be 66,000. for the men, 79,000. above average group for both of you. that means that for every dollar the men make, the women only made 83 cents. >> stossel joins us from new york. okay, john, i know the feminists and all the lily ledbetter
5:51 pm
supporters, the act that president obama crowed about along with his democratic supporters in his first term, they're going to say, this is unfair opinion you look at the statistics and they argue that women just don't. they don't get paid the same jobs, the same wages. even in the obama white house. remember that study of what people got paid there? i think the daily caller may have done it. >> our audience was not as bad as the national average, which is 77 cents. but what the research has shown, that the big government people won't talk about, is that it's not the same job. you women -- well, not you, you're unusual. but normal women make different choices and that's why women are paid less. when it's the same job, they're paid about the same. >> so it's because of other choices that women make, if there is a differential, whether taking time off for child care, which they would say, you shouldn't be penalized for that. what does -- >> but in real life, in a
5:52 pm
market, you get penalized for taking time off. men are willing to take more dangerous jobs and to travel for the jobs, and to work longer hours. and you could say we men are more stupid, because we don't have the good life/work balance you women have. and women are probably happier because of it. >> i remember at my old law firm, there was always the desire to have more female partners. and sometimes a woman would become a partner, but then ultimately they would maybe retire early or make different choices, and it was just their lifestyle choices, it wasn't that there wasn't a desperate desire to get more female associates. but invariably, especially if you had children, those choices come into play. and then men are kind of yelled at for it. >> right. if it really were discrimination, if they just were sexist, think how rich you could get just hiring women. they're paid less, you could lower your price, you'd clean
5:53 pm
up. >> john, you're a big college athlete, why are you against the title ix. you're a curler, right in college? >> briefly. i was a wrestler. >> okay. >> it would happen anyway, the idea -- now they're killing men's teams, they're claiming men and women went to equally participate in sports. well, we don't. >> more men want to participate than women. so golf teams, swim teams a lot of men's sports have been done away with. >> to wrestling and track. >> you were a famous wrestler. you almost made the olympics. great to see you curling. up next, a former president undergoes a heart procedure today, despite his tip top shape. a cardiologist will be here to explain why. that report in two minutes. you 0 television commercials. yep, there i am with flo. hoo-hoo! watch it! [chuckles] anyhoo, 3 million people switched to me last year,
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5:56 pm
following a heart procedure, after a doctor found a blockage in his artery. the former president has been a fitness enthusiast for years. why the heart problem? perhaps because he didn't always treat his body like a temple. >> i wasn't a role model for a while. i drank too much, smoked cigarettes, sat around. people have to make up their own mind. there's no law you can pass to tell people to get off the couch. hopefully, once people start to exercise, they'll realize the physical and mental benefits. >> joining us from new york, what happened? i know you don't know the specifics, but what could have prompted them to put this stent in today? >> most likely a stress test was done to show he had an issue with a heart blockage.
5:57 pm
he was then most likely referred to the hospital for an angiogram. at that point most likely they found a severe or tight blockage of one of the three or four main coronary arteryies. >> how long can you live with a stent before you have to get switched out or something else. i biked with him a few times, he kicked my butt. >> you can live for a very long time with a stent. the only issue is frequently you need certain types of medication to make sure there's no further clotting. and one has to be on alert for bleeding, either gastrointestinal bleeding or god forbid some type of cerebral hemorrhage issue. that is one of the down sides of, have you to be careful about. >> you're talking coumadin or a drug like that? >> plavix is the most common
5:58 pm
drug, and there are newer drugs that are more safe than that. that's something you have to keep aware as you go down the road. >> how do you guard against this or pick up the early signs. again, he's such an amazing athlete. his blood pressure was always really low when he did the annual exam. >> there are two things to look out for. one is to see what you're doing at the present time. one is a stress test. the most comprehensive stress test out there is probably a thalium stress test. there's a new test we've incorporated in our practice called the endopath test. that looks at the arterial lining to see if you're at risk for developing plaque in your blood vessels, one can go to our website and learn about that test. and we feel it's a very important early predictor. >> that's better than an echo? >> an echo cardiograham? >> as far as blockages would
5:59 pm
only be if he developed severe blockages. blood tests, risk factors, and lifestyle modification, and exercise and diet as far as early treatment is important. >> how about the alcohol use before he was 40? >> i don't think alcohol is playing a big effect here. depend on how heavy a smoker he was, it may be somewhat of an effect. >> we appreciate it. we wish president bush the very best. and i know he's in good spirits. he's always in good cheer. finally tonight, a little reminder, please tune in tomorrow for my radio show. you can find listening across the country at laura and you can become a laura 365 member. remember my pod cast launches in the afternoons, about 3:00 p.m. every day, which is different from the radio show. more cultural and political analysis there. i'm laura ingram in for bill
6:00 pm
o'reilly. please remember, always the spin stops right here. because we are always looking out for you. welcome to hannity tonight. americans are on the edge after the obama administration sounds the alarm issuing a worldwide terror threat closing posts in the u.s. and africa. let not your heart be troubled. you can count on your commander in chief to look out for the activity overseas, that is until saturday when the obama's plan to kick off their vacation in martha's vineyard. joe biden is hanging out in the hamptons with alec baldwin, rubbing shoulders with celebrities at a posh bea
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